I had a killer resume: US Senate legislative assistant, Investment Banker, Ivy League grad. Lots of money; great clothes. But I was miserable, anxious, and felt totally trapped.

I left it all and took off with a backpack and a one-way ticket to Asia. During my travels, the voice that I can only describe now as “mine” began to emerge, and I knew there was something greater in store for me.

I had a deep longing to get out there, to serve and contribute.  I wanted to inspire people, and to be seen and celebrated for my creativity and insights.

However, I was totally unclear what my message was. I was hidden in shame and fear of being rejected by people. So, I walked around with this big desire to make a difference and let my beauty and brilliance out, but kept it inside. Deep inside. I let it out in tidbits, through art or small pieces of writing, but it felt like a fog of longing and suffering inside prevented any forward motion of getting my work out into the world.

This is what we do as women: We have vision and longing to contribute to the world, fully and authentically, but fear and confusion hold us back.


We feel we somehow aren’t good enough to share what we have to say, or that someone else is doing it better than we could, so why bother?


We may be making money, but our messaging feels sloppy and unclear, so we’re not being known for what we stand for.


We fear that our tribe – our family, our friends, the people we long to serve, and those we respect and admire – will reject us and think we sound stupid.


We feel nervous that we’ll come across as “too much”, or “too intense”…due to the fact that we will be showing up in ways that people in our lives have never seen or experienced from us before.


We feel jealous and envious of other women who are really rockin’ it out there with a clear message – making impact, speaking on stage, and creating a loyal tribe.


We feel we aren’t doing enough compared to them, and we even feel guilty for our jealousy.

…and all of that leads us down a deep rabbit hole of fear of not being able to make the impact we want to make, in both our lives and in the world.

So we wait, and hope, and pray.

After years of drifting, the moment came when the fear and self-doubt could no longer hold a candle to the intensity of my desire to serve and shine.

I got totally clear on my message, what I stand for irrevocably and utterly during my lifetime:

“I believe that our highest leverage point for creating true, positive transformation in our world lies in supporting women in unleashing the brilliance of their voices.”

And then, once I got clear, I made the commitment to own it, to put it out into the world, and to serve in this capacity. And it wasn’t just any ‘ol commitment. I had a ceremony overlooking the San Francisco Bay, and I even had a small diamond ring that I wear on my finger to this day to serve as a reminder of my commitment to this world, and to stay in service, even when self doubt or fear arise.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was stepping into true Thought Leadership, and by doing that, I was helping to pave the path for all the women I would come to serve.

Suddenly, in the face of this incredible clarity and commitment, life began to reorganize itself. Work began to appear that was in alignment with my message. I began to support women in writing their talks and in public speaking. Opportunities arrived naturally. Doors opened.

I was soon supporting TED and TEDx speakers; Microsoft wanted me to come speak for them; I spoke at two TEDx events; I traveled to the Middle East to support women over there in speaking up – a dream I had held for a long time; and I put on three rockin’, sold out School for the Well Spoken Woman LIVE events; and I have three highly successful virtual training programs that have supported scores of women from all over the world.

I have a 6 month waitlist for women who pay me five figures to support them in writing their keynote talks. I help them to truly – and this is not fluff – become known as the top thought leaders in their industries.

I was invited to become an Advisor on Authentic Communication for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. 

And, in what was the fulfillment of a deep dream, in January 2017, I was asked to come speak and teach my unique body of work at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

But my work wasn’t the only thing that shifted.

When I got clear on my message & my commitment to it, a beautiful man came into my life who feels so called to support the flourishing of my mission in the world, and has done so with such genius and devotion for years.  He has been the rock of support for me every time I’ve had to take the next bold, brave move. He is also the father of our beautiful & delightful son, Connor.

The community of women who I am designed to co-create with came in, and they are the most fulfilling, beautiful and fun relationships with women I’ve ever had. Where I had struggled for years with my body and my skin, I felt more beautiful and free to shine, be heard and seen.

I was finally giving fully in the ways I had longed to, and I made multiple 6 figures in just a year and a half into my business.

The level of deep soul fulfillment I feel in my life, knowing that I am out there giving it all, is an experience that is impossible to describe, but one I want every woman to have. It is truly divine.

It is not always easy – let’s be clear about that! – but every time I make brave moves in service of my message, doors open, angels appear, and miracles abound. I truly believe Life is here to support us in spreading our transformational messages at this time, if only we stay committed, do the work and most of all: speak up.

This is What I Want for You.

  • I want you to be clear:  clear on what you stand for and what you know to be true.
  • I want everyone in the world that you encounter to know what you stand for: so that the very sight of you, the very mention of your name conjures the transformational ideas & inspiration that you are a stand for.
  • I want you to be free: free to say what you must, give all you can, and go to sleep every night content in your heart that you are doing the work and giving the art that you feel so deeply called to contribute in your lifetime.

And most of all – I want you to have a ball. For real. This budding, this blossoming, this going full out with your message in the world can be FUN.

And for that, it’s going to take a sisterhood. That’s right. A Society of Sisters. We only go higher while in the company of other women who are right there with us, celebrating and cheering each other along. It’s the key to our power. It’s the key to our joy. It’s the key to transforming the daylights out of this place we lovingly call Planet Earth.

Know this: for me, the time came when my desire to birth my true message into the world was bigger than my fear of doing it, and that’s what it took to take the first step.

I ask you now: Is it time for you? Is it time for you to speak up in service to the world? Is it time for you to step into true Thought Leadership?

I believe it is, even if you have self-doubt, resistance or fear speaking to you loudly.

The World Needs Women to
Stand Up & Speak.

You were born with a unique voice. Even if your message is about the importance of peace – an idea that has been shared countless times throughout all of history – because it is you and your unique essence, we need you to say it and share it.  No one will ever say it the way you will, and there will be people who can only hear it in the way that you say it.

The time for you to stand up, be your self, and say what you have to say to this world…

Is Now.

Do it not only because the message is burning inside you, but also because there are people in the world who so desperately need to hear it.

I want to support you in your quest to get clear on what you stand for, find the freedom to share it, and become known for your ideas in the process, and this is how I am going to do it:

The Women’s Thought Leadership Society is a virtual course for a community of women who are ready to turn the volume up on the ideas that they are a stand for and want to see proliferated in the world.

It is a course for women who want to be completely confident in sharing their wisdom with the world, and feel totally satisfied in their souls that they are giving fully in the ways they feel called to contribute to the world.

This course WORKS.

Women who have done this course have gone on to write epic manifestos, attract invitations to major speaking engagements (TEDx and others), turn their ideas and messages into compelling book proposals that have become book deals, land highly visible media gigs, and increase the size & devotion of their tribe of followers.

All this while having a ball with a Society of ladies who are up to their soul’s task of transforming the world through the brilliance of their voices.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover what it is that you BELIEVE that is the core WHY behind your work and message for the world. This is what draws your tribe to you like nothing else.
  • Get crystalline clear on your DIAMOND INSIGHT: the central idea or shift in perspective that you are a stand for and want to see spread.
  • Develop a repertoire of supporting ideas, insights and wisdom, as well as the stories and teachings (or “parables”) that best convey these ideas, for use in talks, blogs, videos, media interviews, telesummits, books…all the places where your ideas need to be shared and showcased,
  • Learn how to brand yourself with your ideas through your speaking, writing, website, etc, so that people can really know you for your ideas.
  • Write a MANIFESTO. What’s a manifesto, you might ask:  a  manifesto is a document or info graphic that clearly states what you are a stand for. This is yours to keep and use in your marketing, launches, or as a free downloadable gift for your tribe on your website. We’ll connect you with the resources you need to turn your manifesto into a beautifully designed PDF, or even a small book for print.
  • Have a virtual COMMITMENT CEREMONY to your message & mission. More than anything else you could do, this will trump any self doubt, fear or resistance to sharing your voice, your ideas & your stories with the world. You will have a community of celebrative women friends to witness your commitment.
  • Become free – once and for all – from the limitations of self -doubt, resistance, and fear that hold you back from cranking up the volume on your ideas.
  • Have an extraordinary private community of women to share in celebration and refinement of your ideas (via video & written on the private Facebook group), and to cheerlead as you all share your messages with the world. This community is priceless…epic…beautiful.
  • Content for the course will include video training, a comprehensive multi-media workbook, recorded training calls with KC, guided meditations & contemplations, and an active, private Facebook society with other fabulous women in the course.


Since I’ve started the program, I’ve settled in to my voice and really embodied my message the way I didn’t think I could. I feel so much is possible for me now that I have clarity. Clarity in message, clarity in voice; I just feel like the world is my oyster.

Cordelia Gaffar

Founder - Body Soul Shift, www.bodysoulshift.com

My income has doubled since I launched the message from the voice I developed in KC’s course. At the time I enrolled in The Women’s Thought Leadership Society, I was in flux in my business and nothing was feeling ‘right’ with my brand. I loved doing my work, but I knew that I had so much more to offer and staying in that box was constraining me in ways with which I was no longer comfortable. From this course, I was able to find a message that is totally in alignment with me, and one that I completely LOVE. And my clients feel it, too.

Jen Blackstock

Spiritual Counselor, Founder of The Unbridled Life, JenBlackstock.com

I feel more empowered to use my voice. I know the necessity of my stories. I know how important my brand of saying it is. I no longer am concerned that it’s been told. What I’ve learned is that – it hasn’t been told my way and that that has so much value.

Bernadette Pleasant

Public Speaker and the Creator of Femme!, LiveFemme.Com

Working with KC has been one of the highest-impact decisions I’ve ever made for my business. Clarifying the core of my message, then birthing it into the world through a talk and on my site, has had me feeling more confident and aligned than ever before. Feeling this difference within myself has had me step into leadership and make a bigger difference for others. I craved this clarity for years, and found it in just a few weeks.   Since working with her, I have received several high level speaking invitations, exponentially increased my income, and more than quadrupled my following.  KC is brilliance!

Nisha Moodley


Until I enrolled in KC’s program, no teaching or program was able to give me the results I wanted. My income has doubled since I launched the message I developed in KC’s course. My newly crafted message struck a chord with my readers, my clients, and my editor. It made it easier to stand out in interviews and articles that keep getting thousands of likes on social media. Some of my articles have up to 22,000 likes on Facebook. (and no, I did not pay for advertising!) Also, my list grew to over 13,000 in less than a year. Clarity is power. And that is exactly what KC has brought to me.

Nadya Andreeva

Vibrant Health Coach, SpinachAndYoga.com


Module 1: Community, Compassion & Your Why

  • Learn about the importance of Fertile Listening, Celebration & Refinement in developing strong community with women
  • Discover the power of Compassion to access wisdom & innovative Ideas
  • Clarify what you believe and the WHY behind your work & mission, so that people are emotionally called to your work and will help spread your message

Module 2: Your Diamond Insight.

  • Focus in on what the situation, challenge, suffering or confusion is that you feel called to help transform
  • Get clear on what your key idea or shift in perspective is that you are a stand for and want to see spread in the world (aka, Your Diamond Insight)
  • Discover your repertoire of transformative ideas

Module 3: Sharing Your Insights & Becoming Known For Them

  • Learn how to become known for (or “branded with”) your ideas
  • Compile your Parables, or the stories, teachings and examples that highlight your ideas & wisdom
  • Own the value of your ideas & find the freedom to share them

Module 4: Declaring What You Stand For

  • Write a Manifesto, a document or info graphic that clearly states what you stand for in this world.
  • Learn how to make what you say LAND with people, 100% (this is the secret to putting power behind your words)

Module 5: The Courage & Generosity To Keep On Speaking Up

  • Learn the ultimate practice for transforming fear of rejection, self doubt and embarrassment into strengthened courage & the generosity to keep on sharing your wisdom
  • Celebrate & refine your Manifesto

Module 6: The Power Of Commitment To Trump Fear & Resistance

  • Have your very own virtual Commitment Ceremony to your message & mission
  • Celebrate other women in the Society as they hold theirs



Access granted during the last week of the course, if you enroll within the special offer timeline


Want to learn how to become connected with people who will not only become new and exciting friends, but who will also become powerful players in helping your work & message expand? Meet Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires and a popular blog on Forbes.com. He has become the go-to expert for building influential professional and personal networks. On this Womens Thought Leadership styled training call with KC, Michael will show us specifically how to build our networks. Learn more about Michael by visiting Ellsberg.com.


Want to use your new voice & message that you uncovered in this course to help you land media engagements and refine your message for the media? In this exclusive interview, you’ll get to listen in as KC has speaks one to one with Ellie Brett Scarborough. A former TV news reporter, Ellie helps business owners, bloggers and visionaries master their message, learn the art of sound-bytes, and build a powerful video & media campaign that plays to their unique strengths as spokesperson. Ellie has been featured on The Today Show, Cosmo Radio, Shape, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Learn more about Ellie by visiting MediaBombshell.com.


Want to present your best self “out there” so you can easily cultivate an image that fits your message and will help you to meet your aspirational goals? In this provocative interview, KC will tap into the mind of Tonya Seavers Evans (KC’s personal Stylist), an image consultant with a passion for teaching individuals how to develop a professional style that matches their powerful message. Tonya has been featured on NBC, Success Magazine, and Celebrity Style and is a personal stylist to many women TED and TEDx speakers and thought leaders. Learn more about Tonya by visiting StyleStrategist.com.


You know that photos often speak louder than marketing copy, but how can you be sure that a photo of you will truly capture your voice and instantly position you as an expert in your field? In this very personal interview, KC will speak to Wendy Yalom (KC’s exclusive source for all of her personal branding photo shoots), a professional photographer who shoots and works with with a variety of high powered female business women, to answer this question and many others. Wendy has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Style Me Pretty. Learn more about Wendy by visiting WendyKYalom.com.



I have become crystal clear about what my message is and the message that I would like to deliver to the world. The sky is the limit now that I have gone through this whole process. It’s been the beginning of an amazing journey and now I can actually start making huge waves in the world.

Aundrea Veney Curvey

WomanSpeak Circle Leader

I am on a tight budget, but this was the best investment I have ever made in myself. KC showed me exactly where and how I had squandered the impact of my “Diamond Insights” when I was reworking my TED talk.

Roz Savage

TED Speaker, First Woman to Row Three Oceans,National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2010, RozSavage.com

For me, I had so many different talks I wanted to give and I couldn’t figure out which one was the one. But KC has this way of honing in on what that core is and I watched her do it with every woman in the group. Some of them ended up giving talks that were really different from what they imagined but it was the talk that was really coming through from her soul.

Kavita Leela Aurora

I never thought that I’d gain all the confidence I did in just 6 weeks! A couple of months before starting the Women’s Thought Leadership Society course, my boss had asked me to give a short two-minute speech to about one thousand people and I was so nervous and uncomfortable that I froze on stage—that was incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. Working with KC in the course gave me support around my message and ideas. I was longer nervous or uncomfortable delivering my message on stage, and I had the tools I needed to speak confidently. 

Michelle Stransky

Founder, WisdomWomen

The TEDx Event Organizer “had” to talk to me after I submitted my application because of the clarity of my message on my website. I got this clarity from The KC’s Women’s Thought Leadership Society. Taking KC’s class was really life changing for me and I’m so grateful. As part of being selected to speak at a TEDx event, I went through a vetting process, and the next thing I know… I’m in! I must share with you the organizer felt she “had” to talk to me once she read my “Why” and my “I Believes” on my website. I had felt so vulnerable putting that stuff out there per KC’s recommendations, but now I see it was worth the risk!

Kerry Cannava Turner

TEDx Speaker, Life Coach & Writer

I can now speak publicly about controversial topics without anxiety. Before KC, not only did I have the classic fear and anxiety about public speaking, but I also struggled with speaking publicly about my very controversial topics that revolve around my business. KC’s calm, focused and supportive way along with her experience, techniques, and incredible skills equals magic.

Janine Francolini

Founder & Board Chair, FlawlessFoundation.org

A Love Note


If you are feeling the pull of “Yes!!  I want this!”, but nagging fears of not having enough money or time are pulling at you, let me tell you a little story.

For years I struggled financially, and was always busy up the wazoo “workin’ “ it to make ends meet. I turned down many opportunities to invest in my voice, my message and my mission in the world because I was worried about money and time. The result: I continued feeling feeling held back in getting my message out into the world, resistant to taking on big opportunities to do so, and I was pretty broke.

And then – I finally took a leap and invested in some solid voice training and in education that would allow me to really take my mission and my work where I wanted it to go.  It was a huge scary leap for me financially and also because I was just scared to step into this next level of putting myself out into the world. It’s really true that what you value most is where you put your money and time.

The tides turned for my personal level of contribution to the world and my income once I made that decision. I remember my work got rockin’ once I started sharing my core message and ideas in my marketing copy and once I started getting out there to speak at public events.

And then, one morning, I realized I was super low in funds. I had been delivering on work but not marketing. I had a moment when I could have fallen down the same rabbit hole of panic I had fallen down so many times in the previous years. But instead, I realized something in that moment that has forever changed my life:

I realized that I would never have to worry about money again. All I ever had to do was go out there, and share from my heart what I believe in and in my innovative ideas that I knew transformed people’s lives, and people would come work with me. That’s what I had started experiencing ever since I made that first initial investment and commitment in my voice and my business. And it’s what I experience today.

The moral of the story: I realized the source of money in my life was my voice, my message, and how I can serve people. Whenever I needed to bring in more income, all I had to do was speak up and serve.

It was one of THE  most empowering realizations I’ve ever had.

If you have concerns about finances, consider investing in your real moneymaker: your voice and your message. Break the patterns of scrambling to make ends meet, holding back on your deepest longing to speak up and serve, and spending money on stuff that won’t set you free to serve on far reaching levels like your voice & your message will.

Invest in your voice, and you will step into a level of power to create contribution and wealth on your own terms like you have never known before.

In regards to time concerns, I want to take a moment here to mention something the ever-so-wise Tony Robbins once said that stuck with me, and has proven to be a huge help for me and many of my super successful business women & men friends.

He said, more or less, that it’s focusing on the “highly important yet non urgent” things in life that will take us the furthest in our desires and our work in the world.

These are the super high leverage things that, when you do them, they will pay off in spades. (For example: getting crystalline clear on your message & finding the total freedom to get out there and share it, and as a result, being known for what you stand for, attracting a loyal tribe, being asked to speak at big events, having a big growth in demand for your work, and experiencing huge levels of contribution.)

HOWEVER, these highly important things are “non urgent”. They are things that if you didn’t do them, you would probably stay just where you are in life. They won’t put out fires, and they probably won’t put food on your table today.

But if you spend that little extra time to do those “highly important non-urgent things”, they will pay you off big time and put food on your table for a long time to come. It requires a forward vision. It requires wanting and planning on doing something truly great with your life and your work in the world. If you want that, then you need to do the highly important yet non-urgent things.

I know for me, I need to have some accountability and some fun with my girlfriends if I’m going to do this highly important yet non-urgent kind of stuff, so that’s why I created the Women’s Thought Leadership Society for you.

I created this for you so that you can have the accountability to do this high leverage work to clarify, own and promote your most valuable ideas. I break the work up so it’s easy and doable even in the midst of all the other things you have going on in your life (and trust me – I know it can be a lot).

Key point here: don’t let time concerns right now hold you back. There may never be a perfect or awesome time to do this when it’s all spacious and clear.

Decide to invest your time in this endeavor, and your life will automatically create space for you to complete on it. It’s amazing how that works.

One last important note:

I want you to be 100% confident in your investment.
I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you show that you did every single assignment, and that you participated full out and yet you were not satisfied, I will refund your money.
So, there is nothing to lose in signing up to do this work with me,
and so incredibly much that can be gained.


Is this right for me even if I’m starting out? 

Yes. This is the perfect way to get crystalline clear on the message of your work and build all  your marketing and content outreach from the get go. It will save you time, money, and frustration of not making much traction. I used these practices from the very first day of my business, and it has grown in leaps and bounds quickly.

Is this right for me if I’ve been in business for 10 years and am already successful with my business?

If you are wanting to truly step into thought leadership and be known for your ideas, yes. Definitely. There is a difference between having a successful business and holding a position in the world as a known leader who is sharing transformative ideas & wisdom. If you know that stepping into thought leadership is the next evolution of your work & service in the world, then this will give you what you need to claim that. Furthermore, tons of women come to me who have been extremely successful in their businesses, foundations, etc, but still feel held back from really going for it in getting their message out into the world because they are afraid of public speaking, or feel self doubt about sharing a new flavor of their message. We are always crossing new thresholds in our work. This will support you in walking into this new dimension of your work & your leadership in the world.

I’m really busy in my business and with my personal life right now. How much time will this require? Can I manage it?

First of all, I totally get this question. This is probably the biggest question I ask about everything I take on in my life right now because frankly, my life is FULL!! So, I’ve really paid attention to this in how I structure the course. Plus, all the women I attract to this work are movers & shakers. They are running businesses, raising families, jetting around the world. Time is a precious and rare commodity, as I’m sure it is for you too. So, I have had to structure this course with that in mind. Read on.

Doing the work in this course is going to take you places that you dream of going in your level of contribution and in your work in the world. If you read my Love Note above, I talk about the importance of doing “highly important, non urgent” things if you want your life to really take off in the ways you long.

As such, this course has been structured in a way that allows you to do this even with a busy schedule. The time commitment is the hour call per week, which you can also get via the recording if for some reason you can’t make it.

I’ve broken the weekly assignments down into manageable sections, and have even outlined for you what is “Essential” for that week, and what is extra, in case you only have time to focus on what is essential. You will have anywhere from 20min-90 min per week of doing the weekly assignments. Some of you might want to spend more time, but I teach it in a way that gets you super focused and super clear, cutting out all the “extra stuff.”

And here’s a great thing: I actually have women DO THEIR HOMEWORK on the call recordings, so the call recordings become like “work sessions” for you. This is because as I’m working with women on the calls, you’ll have lots of ideas come to you and you’ll capture them while you’re on the call.

If you are the type of person who is interested in this work, then I guarantee you are a person who has a very full life and not a ton of spaciousness in your schedule. I encourage you to take the Time concern out of the equation and just do it. Once you commit, your life will make the space for this commitment, and the impact for you in your life in doing this work will be worth it.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our
Client Care Team at: support@KCBAKER.com